Trailblazer Books Giveaway

The award-winning Trailblazer Books are action-packed historical fiction novels introducing great Christian heroes. Each page-turning book portrays a significant period in a hero or heroine's life and ministry as seen through the eyes of a young protagonist. A page in the front of each book explains exactly what is fiction and which events and characters are historical, and a “More About” chapter at the end provides a brief biographical overview of the hero's life. We want kids to learn about pioneer missionaries and other important Christians . . . and have fun doing it.

The winner of this CHSH Giveaway may choose 8 paper books from the 40-book series. Go to to explore this exiting series and all the creative ways it can be used with your young readers, ages 8-12.

Kids can't stop reading 'em!

After the contest, every entrant will receive an email with a link to download
The Drummer Boy's Battle, the Trailblazer Book featuring Florence Nightingale,
the Christian founder of modern nursing.



ENTER NOW for your chance to WIN...

Published:May 6th 2017
Modified:May 7th 2017


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