Sing 'n Learn Giveaway

3 Sets of Sing 'n Learn products will be given away!

Set #1

Value: $52.85

Set #2

Value: $57.80

Set #3

Value: $51.90


About Sing 'n Learn:

Sing 'n Learn was established by Fred and Sarah Cooper in 1991 to provide teachers and parents with a source for products which use the medium of music to teach. Their two sons, Andy and Daniel, were 10 and 8 at the time. Sarah, who has a degree in Music Education, enjoyed using materials she found in various places which used music to help the boys memorize facts, i.e. geography, presidents, books of the Bible, Bible verses, etc. They started writing songs to put Scripture to music so that they could learn long passages, sometimes entire chapters, word-for-word. Learning this way was enjoyable and almost without effort. People began to ask them where we found all of these materials, and they would give out the publisher's phone numbers. After years of doing this, they decided to start a part-time business that would make all of these wonderful materials available from one source! Visit Sing 'n Learn to learn more!

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Published:Jun 23rd 2015
Modified:Jun 23rd 2015


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