Science Treasures from the Past

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Biology / Zoology / Nature Studies

Young Folks Treasury: The Animal World
A sketch of animal life throughout the world. Contains colorful plates (drawings) of various animals including apes, cats, birds, insects, fish and more.
1st - 8th grades

A Guide for the Study of Animals
Quote from the book about its purpose: The primary purpose is to arouse an active, attentive interest on the part of the pupil in various forms of animal life which may be at hand, reminding him of what and how various creatures eat, how they breathe, how they get ideas of the world, how they get about, and perhaps how they succeed where others fail. Of secondary importance is the introduction of laboratory methods by easy stages. The pupil should feel that his natural curiosity is only being directed to definite ends and that he is free to investigate in his own way. 6th - 12th grades

Elementary Study of Insects
Quote from the book: There is a period in the life of every child when he is especially susceptible to the "call of the fields;" when he roams through woods or by shady brooks gathering flowers, fishing for mud-cats and cleaning out bumble-bees' nests. If one can reach a child while at that age, he has a ready listener and an apt pupil. That is the time to guide and instruct the child along the line of nature study.

Butterflies & Moths
Although this was written as a British textbook, it provides excellent resources for the study of butterflies and moths.

The Woodpeckers
A very detailed look at just one of God's magnificent creations! Quote from the book: Words like these he (Socrates) spoke, and we know because everything is so perfectly contrived that there must have been a contriver, who knew all from the beginning. We are compelled to believe that there is a God.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
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General Science


Things a Boy Should Know about Electricity
A wonderful introduction and explanation of electricity. 5th-8th grades

How to Make Electrical Machines
Use by itself or with the above download "Things a Boy Should Know about Electricity. 5th-8th grades

How it Works
Dealing in simple language with Steam, Electricity, Light, Heat, Sound, Hydraulics, Optics, etc. and with their applications

General Science (Bertha Clark)
Quote from the book: This book is not intended to prepare for college entrance examinations; it will not, in fact, prepare for any of the present-day stock examinations in physics, chemistry, or hygiene, but it should prepare the thoughtful reader to meet wisely and actively some of life's important problems, and should enable him to pass muster on the principles and theories underlying scientific, and therefore economic, management, whether in the shop or in the home. (Also download the Lab Guide below) 6th-12 grades

General Science Lab Guide
Use with the General Science download above.


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Published:Nov 4th 2015
Modified:Nov 5th 2015


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