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Vowel Digraphs - What are they?
Vowel digraphs are pairs of vowels that make one sound. The first ones taught are usually those in which the initial vowel makes its long sound and the second is silent. For example, "e" is short when it's by itself in "men" and long when it's combined with "a" in "mean." The vowel digraph rule is frequently taught in schools with the saying "when two vowels go a walking, the first one does the talking." However, as with consonant digraphs, there are exceptions. For example, the "oo" in "book" is not pronounced "oh." Despite this, vowel digraphs are usually less challenging for beginning readers than consonant digraphs.

Digraphs that spell vowel sounds include the letter pairs ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, ei, oo, ou. ow, oe, oo, ue, ey, oy, oi, au, aw

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Activities Unit
69 pages
Fun activities using 46 "ai" words More Info (+) Preview

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Activities Unit
96 pages
Fun activities using 50 "ay" words More Info (+) Preview

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Published:Sep 12th 2016
Modified:Sep 23rd 2016


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