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People of the Bible Notebooking Pages - Volume 1


People of the Bible Notebooking - Volume 1 contains 17 complete units and over 200 pages ready to use for creating fantastic Bible Notebooking projects! People included in this volume:

Aaron, Abel, Boaz, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon, Isaac, Abraham, David, Abigail, Andrew, Barnabas, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Matthew, John the Baptist

Creating a Notebooking Project….What is notebooking?

Notebooking is the coined term for what one may refer to as educational journaling or scrapbooking. Essentially, the idea is to create a compilation of what has been learned and experienced in any number of subjects or activities and organize it in a notebook (or binder). Notebooking is designed to capture the knowledge as well as personal reflections of what has been learned.

There are two primary essentials needed in creating a notebook. There is a visual component and a written component. These two components work together to convey what a student has learned from his/her lessons. Instead of filling in worksheets or answering a list of discussion questions to test what a student has learned, you are giving him the opportunity to “show” and “tell” in a variety of ways what has been learned.

This unit contains a variety of notebooking templates. A notebooking template page would be a page that is already pre-designed with framed boxes, lines, and sometimes clipart or borders. You just choose the type of paper that you want to use and then print it out. Not all templates need to be used. I’ve just included a large variety so that you may pick and choose templates that best suit the individual student(s) and the level on which they are learning.

Students may also create their own templates. These are called ‘homemade” templates because they are not premade-designed. Often, students will find additional material that they want to include in a notebook and a pre-designed template just doesn’t ‘fit’. If this is the case, students should be encouraged to create their own!

How to use this unit:

There are 2 ways that this unit can be used. One is to use it with your existing curriculum, choosing templates for students to use to extract, organize and report what is being learned. The second is to provide students the opportunity to explore the topic(s) further through outside research and report what is learned.

Notebooking projects can be teacher directed (or) student directed.

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