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What are Nomenclature Cards? Nomenclature cards identify and name the various parts of a thing, an object or animal. Each part is isolated in color which draws the student's attention to that particular part and not to superfluous details.

Why use Nomenclature Cards? Students gain a much clearer and deeper understanding our world when terms have been placed with images. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but add a label and the value truly increases learning!

Resources have been divided into 'types' or 'categories' to ease your searching...

Human Anatomy

The Heart
Includes: pulmonary veins, aorta, vena cava, pulmonary artery, septum, valves, left ventricle, left atrium, right ventricle, right atrium and  the human heart as a whole
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The Respiratory System
Includes: right lung, left lung, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, sinus cavity, nose, throat, larynx, trachea, pleura and the entire respiratory system as a whole
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Hand, Arm, Feet, Leg
Includes: hand, palm, thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky, fingernails, wrist, arm, elbow, forearm, upper arm, shoulder, feet, sole, ball, toes, ankle, toenails, heel, leg, thigh, knee, calf, skin, kneecap, hip



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US States
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w/in World Map

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Earth's Layers

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Parts of a Volcano

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Published:Nov 4th 2015
Modified:Sep 7th 2016


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