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This is the second article about homemaking tips I've learned from older women. You'll find the first here.  Teach what is good

This is a cleaning tip I learned way before I was a Christian and even knew that the older ladies should be teaching the younger ladies. I'm grateful I had the good sense to listen and learn. I will share more of her tips with you in future articles.

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good,  and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. Titus 2:3-5 ESV

I was new to property management.

I probably couldn't have known less about the upkeep of a rental building and yet, here I was supposed to be telling the employees how and when do to their jobs.

It's a good thing the Lord had an older woman in place to teach me all I needed to know. Many of her tips I still use today and this is one of my favorite.

It's really a short cut, since you do two jobs at once.

We all have kitchen cabinets that are covered in dirty finger prints.

When we spy the offending spot we grab a cloth and wipe it off, but that doesn't really improve the overall appearance of dirty cupboards.


After cleaning out my drawers and stepping back to look at my work, I realized my cupboards needed help.

  • I went to my garage storage, since this wasn't something I used regularly, and got my squeeze bottle and baggie with a rubber glove and an old piece of diaper.
  • My youngest is 25 so you know this is a piece of a really old diaper.
  • I put on the rubber glove, picked up the diaper, shook the bottle before pouring a little on the diaper.
  • Then I wipe it all over the outside of my cupboard door, being careful to get the top edge and under the handle.
  • I step back and wow! Now that was something to look at. It made the richness of the wood stand out beautifully.

The cabinet on the left is not wiped with my magic solution, while the one on the right is. **

I suppose you want to know what's in my squeeze bottle - huh?

  • The first ingredient is Scotts Liquid Gold
  • This is a product that cleans and polishes your cabinets.
  • Now I could have stopped there, but this is what the older woman taught me.
  • The second ingredient in my bottle is Old English Polish.
  • Old English comes in colors that will match the color of your cupboards.
  • Now you're supposed to go around with it and dab it on scratches and places where the wood shows through.
  • But, mixing them together in one bottle allows you to do both in one easy application.

I'll throw in another helpful hint. Drawer liners. Aren't they a mess. The ones that aren't supposed to get all scrunched up always do and they can't really be cleaned or wiped off well. You'll love my solution!

  • I purchased an entire roll of vinyl wallpaper at a garage sale for $5.
  • My wonderful husband cut it for all my drawers and cupboards.
  • It wipes off quickly and easily
  • Vinyl wallpaper lays flat without shifting around
  • It will last forever! (Which means I'll never have to do it again, at least not in this house.

And then...

I fell in love with mesh drawer organizers.

  • If someone drops something into a drawer - no more removing everything to clean it.
  • Simply pick up the organizer and wipe off the wallpaper under neath and it's clean again - unless something in the bin got dirty, then you'll need to was that too.

** This solution stains your hands or clothes permanently. That's why I use a rubber glove. You will want to be careful for a day or so to not rub up against your cabinet while all this good stuff soaks into the dried out wood of your cupboards. It works equally well on closet doors and entry doors too.




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