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Book 1
a, at, cat, sat, bat
rat, hat, fat, Matt


Book 2
dad, lad, cat, rat
hat, Dad, had, bad
mad, sad, glad
bag, Matt, Nat, bat

Book 3
cats, hats, rats,
bats, mats, caps,
maps, bat, nap,
fat, sad, bad,
flat, on

Book 4
a, man, ran,
fan, can, pan,
van, cat, on


Book 5
I, am, Sam,
ram, ham, jam,
Pam, on


Book 6
a, mop, hop,
top, pop, hot,
pot, dot, lot,
not, of, on


Book 7
hen, men, pen,
pen, ten, leg,
legs, 2, Meg,
peg, egg


Book 8
tin, man, can,
sit, in, a, cat,
fat, bat, not,
fit, rat, rat, hid,
hit, rat, hid, hit,
bit, is, bad, bin,
cats, bats, sad

Book 9
Bill, Jill, hill,
will, and, up, a,
ram, rams, it,
pig, big, can,
not, get, 2, 3,
4, 5, !, ?


Book 10
pup, up, cup,
pups, tub, rub,
dub, cub, rug,
in, a, on, fit,
will, big, rat,
bat, fat, cat


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Published:May 2nd 2014
Modified:Nov 14th 2018


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