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Plants: Flowers & Trees

Guide to Cacti
160 pages
Guide to American Wildflowers
153 pages
Guide to Botany
157 pages
Guide to Non-Flowering Plants
159 pages

Tree Identification Key
41 pages
Description & diagrams for identification - Includes record keeping forms

Tree Identification Key
3 pages
Identifying Trees
220 pages
Includes European Tree Identification
Guide to North American Trees
159 pages

Insects & Creepy-Crawlies

Guide to Butterflies and Moths
159 pages
Guide to Insects
159 pages

'Minibeast' Step by Step Identification Key
What is a Minibeast? "Minibeasts" is a term for a variety of arthropods and other invertebrates, including spiders, ants, butterflies, bees, and many others.

Pictorial Key to Woodland Minibeasts
Pictorial Key to
Aquatic Minibeasts
Step by Step
Identification Guide
Invertebrate Classification Chart Invertebrate Picture Classification
Guide to
Insect Pests


Guide to
Freshwater Fish
Guide to
Life along

Animal Kingdom
"Visual" Dictionary

36 pages of animal diagrams labeling parts of each animal

Guide to Venomous Animals
Guide to Birds
159 pages
Exploring the World of Reptiles & Amphibians
412 pages


Exploring the World of Mammals
(412 pages)



Guide to Rocks & Minerals
43 pages
The Restless Earth: Rocks & Minerals
107 pages
Guide to Rocks & Minerals (2)
220 pages
Guide to Rocks & Minerals (3)
346 pages

Astronomy: Sky & Stars

Sky Observer's Guide
159 pages
Guide to the Stars
161 pages


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Published:Nov 2nd 2015
Modified:Jul 28th 2016


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