History and Geography Treasures of the Past

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Home Geography for Primary Grades
This wonderful treasure begins teaching geography to elementary students from their immediate surroundings. Easy to use and a true jewel from the past.
First Lessons in Geography
A  question and answer book that is helpful in teaching the fundamentals of geography.


Beginner's American History
The focus of the author was to present clearly and accurately those facts and principles in the lives of some of the chief founders and builders of America which would be of interest and value to pupils beginning the study of our history.
The Story of American History
This 1900 elementary school American history textbook represents an unfiltered turn-of-the-century view of our nation's history from Pre-Columbus to the Spanish American War. It's likely closer to a primary source than anything we have today that's been filtered through multiple committees each attempting to advance their own agendas.
The Story of the Thirteen Colonies
Originally written in the early 19th century, H.A. Guerber's historical readers will give young children an exciting, narrative look at the human past. Writing from the conviction of biblical accuracy in all of history, events and cultures are dated according to the bible and an emphasis on God's sovereignty through Western history runs throughout. Children will appreciate the story like style as they hear of the great men and civilizations in chapters that are easy to digest, though they still retain a large vocabulary. Historical illustrations are used throughout.


The Story of the Greeks
Elementary history of Greece, made up principally of stories about persons, giving at the same time a clear idea of the most important events in the ancient world and calculated to enforce the lessons of perseverance, courage, patriotism, and virtue that are taught by the noble lives described. Beginning with the legends of Jason, Theseus, and events surrounding the Trojan War, the narrative moves on to present the contrasting city-states of Sparta and Athens, the war against Persia, their conflicts with each other, the feats of Alexander the Great, and annexation by Rome.


The Story of the Chosen People
Guerber wrote this book to provide elementary students the story of Israel in an easy to read, story format.
The Holy Roman Empire
The object of this book is not so much to give a narrative history of the countries included in the Romano-Germanic Empire -- Italy during the Middle Ages, Germany from the ninth century to the nineteenth -- as to describe the Holy Empire itself as an institution or system, a body of beliefs and traditions which have almost wholly passed away from the world.
Ancient States & Empires
A history from Creation to the fall of the Roman Empire


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Published:Mar 15th 2014
Modified:Nov 3rd 2015


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