February Math

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Sweet Math & More
(27 pages)
Level: PreK-K
Valentine Math for 1st Grade
(17 pages)

Skills covered:
- single digit addition (with and without carrying)
- double digit addition (with and without carrying / Sums to 20 / Sums to 30 / by 10s)
- even / odd recognition
- single digit subtraction
- double digit subtraction (with and without borrowing / numbers to 20 / numbers to 30)
- probability
- roman numerals
- patterns
- ordinal numbers
- in/out 'function' tables
- reading a pictograph

Valentine Themed Math Review
(79 pages)
2nd-3rd Grades

Includes: 2 digit addition (worksheets for 'no carry' and 'carry'), 2 digit addition word problems, 2 digit subtraction (worksheets for 'no borrow' and 'borrowing'), Mixed addition/subtraction word problems (some worksheets designed in 'test prep' format), Find the missing addend and subtrahend worksheets, 3 digit addition (worksheets for 'no carry' and 'carry'), Even/Odd identification
Roman numerals (I, V, X, L) - identification, conversion, addition
Critical Thinking skill worksheets, Order of Operations, Place Value: Building 3 and 4 digit numbers / Expanding numbers
Skip Counting by 50, 100, 250, Rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100, Telling time: nearest hour, half hour, 5 minutes and minutes, Counting coins, Fractions: identifying, comparing and naming, Equivalent Fractions, Multiplication: Writing equations
Multiplication: 1-12, Multiplication word problems, Division word problems, Measurement: Reading a ruler, Geometry: Shape identification (cone, cube, pyramid, sphere, pentagon, rectangular prism, Geometry: Vertices, faces, sides, edges, Geometry: Finding the perimeter

Graphing Activities
(25 pages)
Level: 2nd-3rd

Multiplication Rummy Card Game
Level: 3rd & up

Valentine Multiplication
(35 pages)
Level: 2nd-3rd






Published:Feb 5th 2015
Modified:Jan 23rd 2018


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