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I am posting this here as a form of explanation of where I have been over the past couple of years. Life took us on a whirl wind of a journey that we are still following, but just really feeling like God wanted me to open up and let others know what has been going on.  I know I don't seem to visit here often, but it isn't because you all have been forgotten. Not by a long shot. This group will remain dear to my heart. I found this group when I was in yet but another dark time in my life that actually was what caused us to go down the journey of life God has us on right now.

This has been a difficult topic to open up about, but is very much a huge part of my life. I am hoping that one day God will use this horrible experience for good to help others who may be going through it or for others down the road who may also find themselves in similar situations. As you read my post you will see that life is completely out of my hands and in the hands of God. My only request is that if you think of it, to keep us in your prayers as we are in deep need of them to finish this long road. We are out of time and money to be traveling along any more dead end roads. The road we are in search of is the one that will lead us to the correct road taking us to the end. Thank You!


Ever wonder why?

The Lacking of Military Posts

I am sure many have questioned why I mention this blog is a view into our military and homeschooling journey, but yet I never post anything about our military journey. I have done this for a reason. I try not to voice complaints here, but to bring forth encouragement or at a minimum, honesty and openness to our life in order to help others to know they aren't alone.

Well, since we started this journey of blogging, our military life took a different turn than what we were used to. It has been anything but "normal" looking. The first part of military life was "normal" in that we had a regular life and we had a life of deployments. Since we have been married, my husband has been on both active and reserve duty. When our daughter was first born we decided to get out of the Army in order for her to not live a life the Army brings. Anyone in the military knows that as a life of chaos for many days, months, and sometimes even a year. We got out of the Army from Germany and returned back to America as civilians having to start a new life here. It brought some challenges, but with little time we were back on our feet again.

Life finally looked "normal". My husband went to work every day. I came home after seeing my job was causing our child to be sickly. We learned to live tight, on only one income and have lived that way ever since. Then one day everything changed. It was a tragic event that as a Country we had to endure. That was the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001. My husband realized that day that as a Soldier he could no longer watch from the living room what was happening to our Country and decided after a short break from the Army that the time had come to go back in. Thankfully, with having a full time job, our own home, and experimenting with homeschooling during our daughter’s preschool years, we didn't want to loose all that we had established. So into the Army Reserves he went.

I said all of this to say our life will no longer be the same. Due to a twenty year military career my husband has struggled with an invisible war injury called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as a whole host of other invisible injuries. This invisible injury of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has however turned our life completely upside down. Since I started this blog we have struggled with the extreme difficulties this brings into the lives of Soldiers. It isn't an easy life and by no means is glorified or the least bit encouraging, but this is why you haven't seen the military side of our blog. I have chosen to leave the blog titled this way in hopes God will eventually use our great difficult to bring encouragement to others. It is my prayer someday soon I will be able to post encouraging articles to help encourage other families who are struggling with this similar disorder, brought on by the military, and who homeschool at the same time.

I ask that you bear with me as we continue to progress through this great difficulty we have in our life and to pray for our family as we continue traveling down this difficult road and know when it is God's timing you will see me post more about what we have gone through. I can promise you, if we had to go through all of this; my intention is to turn our bad situation into someone else's encouragement. I have to believe God has us traveling down this road so His glory will shine through in the end for others.  

- See more at: http://ieduk81duck.blogspot.com/2014/01/ever-wonder-why.html#sthash.XDBRoJJj.dpuf





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