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Why subscribe? Subscribers have access to over 50,000 downloadable pages of educational material! If you haven't had a chance to browse our downloads, view our DOWNLOAD CATALOG and start browsing! Also, as a subscriber, you can begin sharing your own personally created units, worksheets and resrouces with other Download Club subscribers.

How much can I save? You can easily save hundreds if not thousands by being a Download Club subscriber. CHSH-Teach founder Lynda Ackert creates and sells hundreds of educational downloads on sites such as TeachersPayTeachers, Teachers Notebook and Currclick. As a Download Club subscriber, you'll have access to all of them! In addition, you'll also have access to downloads created by others who have allowed CHSH specific permission to offer them to you.

CHSH-Teach is continuously adding fresh, new content and as long as you are a subscriber, your savings can continue to grow!















Published:Aug 29th 2014
Modified:Mar 8th 2017


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