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Why have a Writing Center?  To encourage creativity and good habits for budding writers!

What is a Writing Center? It is simply a comfortable place where students can write. A place where materials are kept that spark their creativity!

Whether you have a classroom, co-op space or homeschool at the kitchen table, make your Writing Center as inviting and inspiring as possible. Provide a place that is quiet and organized. A place that will spark the imagination and foster a love for the written word.

Students of what ages/grades benefit from having a Writing Center? Students of ALL ages and grades will benefit, from PreK-12th grade. If you are teaching PreK, create a fun place where students can put crayon to paper, practice drawing, coloring, printing, etc. Talk to them about their creations in the writing center. Have students create 'oral' stories about their creations!

As children grow, simply keep the writing center available (and busy) with age/grade level creative work. Encourage their imaginations. Challenge their creativity and allow them to explore their ever growing ability to create!

Writing Centers can be used for all types of writing and all ages.

Here are some practical ways you can build either a portable or permanent writing center

Find a Space- Consider how much room you have. Are you homeschooling in tight quarters or do you have a classroom room at your disposal?

If you are tight on space, create a portable center. You can do so by keeping everything in a large tub or container that can be stored when not in use. You can also consider storing supplies using the following items:

*     Over-the-door pocket shoe organizer
*     Bookshelf
*     Stacking letter trays for paper
*     Storage cupboards, tubs, bins, or baskets

If you have ample room at your disposal, why not designate a 'Writing Center only space' using a small table or desk that is set off to the side?

Equip Your Writing Center- Gather your writing supplies and store them in or near your chosen writing center. Before buying anything new, look to see what supplies are already lying around the classroom and house. (It's a good idea to keep these supplies separate so they're always handy at writing time.) Reference tools to have include:

*      Alphabet charts (posted at eye level to serve as penmanship models)
*      Reference tools like a children's dictionary, electronic speller, or children's thesaurus.
*      Posters showing steps in the writing process

Gather tools for brainstorming and writing -

*     Writing Prompts  
*     Crayons, markers, pencils
*     Grade level writing paper

Provide tools for publishing final drafts-

*     Glue, glue sticks, tape
*     Rubber stamps, stickers
*     Scissors, stapler, hole punch, yarn scraps
*     Solid-color construction or scrapbooking paper

Posters, Prompts & References




The Writer's Block
Create a writing center using this download...a place designed to inspire!

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The Peanut Jar

Grammar Posters

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12 Capitalization Rules

Grammar QUICK Reference Chart (Black and White Version)

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Grammar QUICK Reference Chart (Color Version)

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Grammar QUICK Reference Chart BUNDLE
(Includes: B/W & Color Versions)

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Using Descriptive Words Poster
Newspaper Templates
Spark creativity with these templates designed to create news articles!
Current Events Writing Packet
Color and Create a Story      
Beach 1 Beach 2
Summer in the Park 1 Summer in the Park 2
See more:
Color & Create a Story
Superhero Themed      

Superhero Story Writing
(4 pages)

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Additional Creative Writing Resources

Young Novelist Workbooks

Mini-Book Templates

Monthly Writing Journals

Shape Books







Published:Oct 31st 2015
Modified:Nov 13th 2018


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