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Designed for grades 3rd-6th (Click here to view sample pages)



Student Textbook
(126 pages)

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Disunion (John Brown) 
PPT (Converted to pdf)

The Country Goes to War

The Home Front
PPT (Converted to pdf)

Antietam and Emancipation PPT (Converted to pdf)

Life at War
PPT (Converted to pdf)

Shifting Tides
PPT (Converted to pdf)

Bring the War to an End PPT (Converted to pdf)

Elementary Final  Elementary Final Exam
Answer Key

Puzzles & Coloring pages


Answer Key
Lincoln Crossword Puzzle

Abraham Lincoln Crossword Puzzle
Civil War Coloring Book    

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Emancipation Proclamation
Coloring Book

(14 pages)

Army Life in a Black Regiment
(Civil War)
The Underground Railroad (c) 1874
Levels: 8th - 12th
(814 pages)


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Published:Nov 4th 2015
Modified:Aug 1st 2016


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