Character Studies

Suggested timeline for each unit is 1 week:
Monday: Go over the character trait and discuss. Choose a book and begin reading.
Tuesday: Complete the 1st 2 boxes on page 2 of the unit. Reread your book (or) continue reading if you are reading a chapter book.
Wednesday: Complete the rest of page 2. Reread your book (or) continue reading. Discuss what character you are planning to use to complete page 3 and why.
Thursday - Friday: Reread your book (or) finish reading it. Complete page 3. Revisit your answers on the last section on page 2. Are there any you would change? Discuss!


(The above list is contained with each of the below volumes as well as suggested tips and weekly schedule.)

For ease of downloading, this 40 week study has been divided up into 2 separate volumes.

Download Club subscribers click here to download: Volume 1 (Weeks 1-20)
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Download Club subscribers click here to download: Volume 2 (Weeks 21-40)
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Each unit has a section for analyzing a character that portrays the given character trait in a book they have read. Students may use any book and character for each unit. Below is a downloadable Suggested Book List that may prove helpful. Links within this download are affiliate links and will take you to where you may learn more about each. For other book ideas, visit your local library!

Downoad the Suggest Book List (Download Club Subscribers) 
(Non- Download Club members may purchase the suggested book list here.)




Published:Oct 26th 2015
Modified:Aug 10th 2018


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