CHSH Download Club Reviews

CHSH Download Club Reviews

Carter Chaos:

"I'd say is about saving time and sanity. This is a well organized site that is just brimming with resources for every grade level and nearly every subject. You can search by category, topic, or keyword. There is a HUGE chart to click through based on subject, grade, or category. Everything feels like it's right there at your fingertips just waiting to be accessed. Need a book unit study? They've got them. Need a book? They've got lots of those in ebook form too! Need a grade sheet, transcript, or reading log? Of course the Download Club includes those too...."
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Mom's Plan:

"If you want to find most of your homeschool resources in one place, or if you’re on a tight homeschool budget, you can’t go wrong with CHSH’s Download Club" (Read entire review)

My (re)Viewpoint:

"One thing you'll notice right away that differentiates from other download sites is that far from offering only worksheets (although the worksheets are awesome - I love them!), this site offers entire courses and books for download!..." (Read entire review)

A Glimpse of Normal

"If you are like me and you teach 2 completely different grades, you are always looking for products that you can use for both students while not breaking the bank. ...I was blown away by the amount of materials I found..."
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"Oh. My. Goodness.  We love it!  I’m guessing that no matter what we were studying, we would have been able to find something here which would have complemented it.  CHSH has so many options.... "
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Renaissance Mama:

"Thanks, for compiling such an amazing amount of material!" (Read entire review)


Adventures with Jude:

"One of the nice organizational features of the program is it does not have a single way of presenting the downloads. Developer Lynda Ackert has arranged the offerings by subject, grade level, calendar use (holidays, etc.), and presentation.  This makes it very easy to search for specific topics...." (Read entire review)

Desperate Homeschoolers:

"CHSH Download Club is a great value – packed with resources that every homeschooling family can use...." (Read entire review)

My Full Heart:

"As a homeschooling mom of five kids {ranging in ages from 4-13}, I am always on the lookout for curriculum or resources that will make my life easier and my homeschool planning quicker. Enter: Christian HomeSchool Hub {CHSH-Teach}!The printables are excellent quality, and I had no trouble at all downloading and printing any of the resources I chose to use. Some of these are full-color with adorable graphics, but they are all very professionally done.The printables are organized very well, and it's extremely easy to find what you are looking for..." (Read entire review)

The Mommy Journey:

"This is a one-stop shop for homeschoolers everywhere..." (Read entire review)

Sharing Life's Moments:

"I personally love the fact that I can find everything I need to make my homeschooling journey easier right here...." (Read entire review)


A Rup Life:
" has been that hidden gem for our homeschool..."(Read entire review)


Cathy Duffy:

"The Christian Homeschool Hub (CHSH) website offers some freebies that might be of interest, but the CHSH Download Club is the main event..." (Read entire review)



Published:Sep 7th 2016
Modified:Jun 22nd 2018


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