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Birds of Prey Notebooking / Research

'Birds of Prey' is a 41 page download and offers pages specifically designed to help students organize and present research reports for each bird listed below: 

• Great Gray Owl 
• Ferruginous Hawk
• Common Black Hawk
• Red-Tailed Hawk
• Barred Owl
• Barn Owl
• Short-Eared Owl
• Prairie Falcon
• Swainson’s Hawk
• Snowy Owl
• Turkey Vulture
• Eastern Screech Owl
• Burrowing Owl
• American Swallow-Tailed Kite
• Elf Owl
• Osprey
• American Kestrel
• Peregrine Falcon
• Bald Eagle
• Northern Goshawk
• Merlin
• Golden Eagle
• Northern Harrier
• Northern Saw-Whet Owl
• Crested Caracara
• Great Horned Owl
• Sharp-Shinned Hawk
• Harris Hawk
• Long-Eared Owl

Also included are several 'blank' pages for students to use when researching other birds as well as pages to add additional information to any report

Creations by LAckert

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