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BIG Grammar Reference BUNDLE

Grammar Reference BIG BUNDLE (Posters, Charts and Bookmarks) includes each of the following titles:

Grammar QUICK Reference Charts
These Grammar charts (both in B/W and color) defines and gives examples of:
common nouns
proper nouns
plural nouns
verbs (present and past)
abbreviations and titles (language and math)

Plural Noun Rules - Bookmarks
A set of 12 bookmarks that will give students a reference to how to create plural nouns. Each bookmark will include an explanation and then several examples.
The set includes the following:
Using 's'
Nouns ending in ch, sh, s, x. z
Nouns ending with a vowel + y
Nouns ending with a consonant + y
Nouns ending with the letter 'o'
Nouns ending with a consonant + o
Nouns ending with f or fe
Changing spelling (changing sounds)
Nouns that still use Old English plurals
Nouns that do not change
Foreign words
How to address a computer 'mouse'

Grammar Posters - Nouns
Includes a poster for each of the following:
common noun
proper noun
singular noun
plural noun
possessive noun
concrete noun
collective noun
compound noun

42 Grammar Posters! (Sentence Type, Capitalization, Punctuation)
Download includes 42 posters:
- 4 sentence types
- 12 capitalization rules
- 6 apostrophe rules
- 9 comma rules
- 5 quotation mark rules
- 6 semi-colon rules

Creations by LAckert

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