American Revolution and Forming a New Nation Teaching Resources

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The American Revolution -
A Complete Unit

(152 pages)
Level: 3rd - 6th

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People of the Era

11 Famous Colonial Women
Complete Unit

111 pages
Unit includes notebooking pages for each woman PLUS notebooking instruction, assignment pages, and more.


Prefer to download individual sections of the Colonial Women unit? Click on a specific woman below (each will be 8 pages)

Paul Revere
36 pages

Reading Comprehension Workhseets

Charters of Freedome Reading Comprehensions
Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights
(11 pages)
American Revolution Series-
Reading Comprehensions on Major Events

Level: 4th-8th
(41 pages)
American Symbols Reading Comprehension Collection
Level: 5th-8th
(15 pages)
The Stamp Act
Level: 4th-8th
(4 pages)

Intolerable Acts Notebooking pages    



Declaration of Independence Copy Work
Level: 4th & Up


Coloring Pages


American Symbols
Coloring pages

(5 pages)

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The American Revolutionary War Part 1

The American Revolutionary War Part 1

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610591: American RevolutionAmerican Revolution Be an eyewitness to the thrilling American war for independence: the battles and leaders, soldiers and heroes, scoundrels and patriots. It's all here in this ultimate visual guide that show you how it really was. See a continental solder's musket, a spy's hollow "silver bullet", Washington's sword, a bullet-riddled battle flag, the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence. Learn why Washington was commander-in-chief, how the Declaration of Independence was written, how Benedict Arnold was at first a patriot hero, how solders were drilled, who the Loyalists were, how France helped win American liberty. Discover how Betsy Ross sewed the Stars and Stripes, the secrets of spies and traitors, why it was Breed's not Bunker Hill, why King George admired Washington, why Yorktown was not the end of the Revolution, and much, much more.

833330: Christians in the American RevolutionChristians in the American Revolution Christians in the American Revolution begins with a brief survey of the political and religious background of the pre-Revolutionary years. The author then examines the influence of various religious convictions on the movement for independence and, conversely, the effect of the Revolution on colonial church bodies and their understanding of Christian truth. Colonial Christians responded in four major ways to the Revolution: they supported complete freedom in politics and religion; they advocated social and political reform; they called for submission to English authority; and they argued against involvement of Christians in the war effort. Whether Patriot, Reformer, Loyalist or Pacifist, American Christian colonials influenced not only the fledgling nation, but the development of religious thought to the present.

This revised edition includes a new bibliographic essay detailing contributions to this field since the first edition was published in 1977.

843497: Sacred Scripture, Sacred War: The Bible and the American RevolutionSacred Scripture, Sacred War: The Bible and the American Revolution  In Sacred Scripture, Sacred War, James Byrd offers the first comprehensive analysis of how American revolutionaries defended their patriotic convictions through scripture. Byrd shows that the Bible was a key text of the American Revolution. Indeed, many colonists saw the Bible as primarily a book about war. They viewed God as not merely sanctioning violence but actively participating in combat, playing a decisive role on the battlefield. When war came, preachers and patriots alike turned to scripture not only for solace but for exhortations to fight.

Such scripture helped amateur soldiers overcome their natural aversion to killing, conferred on those who died for the Revolution the halo of martyrdom, and gave Americans a sense of the divine providence of their cause. Many histories of the Revolution have noted the connection between religion and war, but Sacred Scripture, Sacred War is the first to provide a detailed analysis of specific biblical texts and how they were used, especially in making the patriotic case for war. Combing through more than 500 wartime sources, which include more than 17,000 biblical citations, Byrd shows precisely how the Bible shaped American war, and how war in turn shaped Americans' view of the Bible.

028900: God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American RevolutionGod of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution Before the Revolutionary War, America was a nation divided by different faiths. But when the war for independence sparked in 1776, colonists united under the banner of religious freedom. Evangelical frontiersmen and Deist intellectuals set aside their differences to defend a belief they shared: the right to worship freely. Inspiring an unlikely but powerful alliance, it was the idea of religious liberty that brought the colonists together in the battle against British tyranny.

In God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution, historian Thomas S. Kidd argues that the improbable partnership of evangelicals and Deists saw America through the Revolutionary War, the ratification of the Constitution, and up to the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800.

A thought-provoking reminder of the crucial role religion played in the Revolutionary era, God of Liberty represents both a timely appeal for spiritual diversity and a groundbreaking excavation of how faith powered the American Revolution.

9531EB: Sons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution - eBookSons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution - eBook Set against a colonial backdrop teeming with radicals and reactionaries, visionaries, spies, and salty sea captains, Sons of Providence is the biography of John and Moses Brown, two classic American archetypes bound by blood yet divided by the specter of more than half a million Africans enslaved throughout the colonies. John is a profit-driven robber baron running slave galleys from his wharf on the Providence waterfront; his younger brother Moses is an idealist, a conscientious Quaker hungry for social reform who - with blood on his own hands - strikes out against the hypocrisy of slavery in a land of liberty. 400 pages, hardcover.

789873: NEW! Rush Revere and the American Revolution Rush Revere and the American Revolution Join Rush Revere, his wisecracking horse Liberty, and friends Cam, Tommy, and Freedom, as they're off to meet some super-brave soldiers in the year 1775. Yep, that's right. They'll be visiting with the underdog heroes who fought for American independence, against all odds-and won!

Become a part of Rush Revere's crew as they rush, rush, rush into a time when British rule had become a royal pain, and rebellion was in the air. You'll be on hand to see two lanterns hung in the Old North Church, prevent a British spy from capturing Paul Revere, and grapple with danger at the battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill!

256 pages.

003073: The American Revolution TrilogyThe American Revolution Trilogy Developed by Fox News commentator and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, the Learn our History DVD series gives students a chance to travel back in time to see history as it really happened! Give students a sense of pride in their American heritage with these patriotic DVDs that highlight the strengths of America's history.

Go back in time with a team of Time-Traveling kids in three DVD adventures about the American Revolution and struggle for American independence:

  • The American Revolution: Winning Our Freedom
  • The American Revolution: The Birth of a Revolution
  • The American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence

366629: Famous Figures of the American Revolution: Movable  Paper Figures to Cut, Color and AssembleFamous Figures of the American Revolution: Movable  Paper Figures to Cut, Color and Assemble Learn about important people during the Revolutionary War by building movable figures! Kids ages 6-12 can make movable action figures and relive the founding of our nation with Betsy Ross, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and more. Includes a mini biography of each individual, companion reading list for read-alouds and independent readers, instructions, and more.

74447: If You Lived at the Time of the American RevolutionIf You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution New and updated, but still the same "If you lived at the Time of..."series you loved, this book answers all your questions about life at various points in history. From food and clothes, to how your life would have changed after the Declaration of Independence, this book is filled with facts and interesting notes about life in the past. Cheery illustrations also help to visualize life during the American Revolution. 76 pages, softcover.

026598: Time Travelers History Study: The American RevolutionTime Travelers History Study: The American Revolution The American Revolution is filled with well-known stories and heroes. Experience it to the fullest with Homeschool in the Woods' "The American Revolution" CD-ROM. Make a haversack or a booklet with this fun, hands-on approach to learning. 25 Lessons may be spread over 5-10 weeks, and include creative writing, colonial recipes, factfile cards, a file folder game, science experiments, notebook timeline, notebooking activities and more. Text and project overview pages keep lessons on track, while masters, photos and drawings make for easy lesson planning. Teacher helps, keys, resource list and "guide at a glance" included. Grades 3-8; 1 CD-ROM.

28899EB: Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #11: American Revolution: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #22: Revolutionary War on Wednesday - eBookMagic Tree House Fact Tracker #11: American Revolution: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #22: Revolutionary War on Wednesday - eBook

Track the facts in your favorite Magic Tree House stories! Fact Tracker: American Revolution is a non-fiction companion to the not-included Magic Tree House Book #22: The Revolutionary War on Wednesday, however, it can also be used separately as a great introduction to the War for Independence!

Children will march through the battles alongside the American soldiers as they learn about the colonies, stamp act, Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington, War, Valley Forge, and the End of the War. Little sidebar notes provide interesting information about historical events and figures. Photographs of documents, and cartoons moving concepts into relate-able present-day contexts will allow young children to grasp what the American Revolution was really all about. 121 pages, indexed, softcover.

Published:Nov 4th 2015
Modified:Aug 10th 2016


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