American Government Teaching Resources and Curriculum

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American Government
Teacher's Guide

111 pages
Level: Middle School - High School

American Government
Student Text

278 pages

Powerpoint Presentations


American Flag Etiquette
11 Slide PPT

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American Flag Etiquette - Extended Version
32 Slide PPT

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Why Government?
36 pages Preview

This unit teaches students about 'why' a government is important as well as covering items such as: Differences between a monarchy and a democracy, Ideas of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, Natural rights and social contracts, Sovereign States, 4 Roles of government

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Needed: A New Government
9 pages Preview

Addresses why the newly independent country needed a new and different government. Also includes: Difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, How the 3 branches were created, How to create fair voting, Battle of the 'plans': The Virginia Plan vs. the New Jersey Plan

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Anatomy of the Constitution
13 pages

This unit explains the different parts of the Constitution (Preamble & Articles) as well as explains the amendment process.

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17 pages

What is Federalism and how does it differ from Confederal and Unitary forms of government? Students will learn the facts in this unit.

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U.S. Citizenship
10 pages

This unit explains how a person naturally has U.S. citizenship as well as the naturalization process.



Electoral College
Election Night Map

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Current Events

Current Events Writing Packet    


U.S. Government
Crossword Puzzle

For Resources specifically on U.S. Presidents: Click here











Published:Aug 12th 2016
Modified:Nov 30th


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