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The Christian Home School Hub began as a small idea by founder Lynda Ackert. As a homeschooling mom, she wanted a place where she could connect with other homeschooling parents. A place that was truly about sharing resources. After joining a few other homeschooling sites (social networks) she soon discovered that these sites were more about making money than sharing resources because they all were very strict when it came to providing links to 'other' resource sites, (even sites that could provide income to other homeschooling families). She even had one website owner tell her that the goal of her homeschooling website was to keep members on her site and to make money. She also found that the largest homeschooling social networks were not created to cater strictly to the Christian homeschooling community.

That's when Lynda decided to create a homeschooling social network that placed a greater value on providing resources to Christian homeschooling families. Wanting to put the needs of these families above any financial motive, Lynda created the Christian Home School Hub. To this day, she views the Hub as a ministry serving Christian homeschooling families. Read the Hub's Statement of Faith.

Although Lynda now has an all volunteer team to help manage the Christian Home School Hub, she is still the main driving force behind the site. You may visit her member profile here.

We are always looking for members to help us manage the site...If you would like to become a volunteer team member, email Lynda now!

Published:Nov 4th 2015
Modified:Nov 4th 2015


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