AS YOU APPROACH EASTER WEEK… Tags: family Easter resurrection

What thoughts are crossing your mind?

  • Planning a big meal for family or friends can easily consume our thoughts.
  • Cleaning your house can do that too.

Wherever your thoughts are, I’d like to invite you to step back, rest awhile, and take another look at the cross.

Most Christians have at least one cross — a necklace, or perhaps one on the wall. I have one particularly beautiful one that is hand carved.

  • But the cross Christ hung on was anything but beautiful.
  • Both Christmas and Easter present me with a two-sided-coin —
  • I’m glad Christ was born, but He had to leave the Father to come and live among sinful man.
  • I’m grateful that He was willing to pay for my sin, but I shudder at the gruesome death He had to die.

As we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, I encourage you to read the following article by John Piper. It has helped me to focus on the real reason we celebrate and I think it will help you too.


The most spectacular sin that has ever been committed in the history of the world is the brutal murder of Jesus Christ—the morally perfect, infinitely worthy, divine Son of God. That begs the question, “Which sin in the murder was the most spectacular?”

Was it the driving of the nails? The thrusting of the spear? The expediency of Pilate? The mockery of Herod? The weaving of the thorns and pushing them down on his head with glee? Peter’s denial? The abandonment of all the Twelve? Or Judas, who kissed him for 30 pieces of silver?

If you forced me to chose one of those it would be Judas, because of the combination of evils in the heart of Judas. He held the money bag and he was called a thief (John 12:6). His love of money was so great that he betrayed a man that he had lived with for three years, the very Son of God.  Read more…

Once again I want to welcome the new members of this group and wish you all a blessed Easter.


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