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How to TELL TIME in SPANISH - FREE LESSON!!!! Tags: Spanish Foreign Language Elementary High School

Honour of Kings is pleased to give you a free lesson from their new Spanish curriculum: Spanish I.

We hope that you enjoy this lesson. If you'd like to see another sample, check out our website:

You can purchase the curriculum here as either a digital or printed text




Telling Time in Spanish - Lesson 12

In this lesson, we'll learn to TELL TIME in Spanish. If you have never learned how to tell time on a traditional, analog clock, you may find this lesson a little bit more challenging. It might be a wise idea to brush up on that skill before continuing.


The first rule to know when telling the time is that we use the verb SER. We learned this in the previous lesson, but we'll actually see it in use in this lesson.


The second thing you must know before you can tell time is the names of each hour. These words are : una, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, and doce. Notice that the word for the hour 1 is una, but the word for the number 1 is uno. The rest of the words are the same as the words for the numbers 2 to 12.


Now, this may be obvious, but the hour 1 (UNA) is a singular subject because there is only one hour. However, the hours 2 to 12 are plural subjects because they each have more than one hour. This tells us how to conjugate the verb SER. For the hour 1 (UNA), we use the conjugation ES, which is the third person singular. For the hours 2 to 12, we use the conjugation SON, which is the third person plural.



Spanish Literal Meaning English

Es la una. (The hour) is one. It is one o'clock.

Son las dos. (The hours) are two. It is two o'clock.

Son las tres. (The hours) are three. It is three o'clock.

Son las cuatro. (The hours) are four. It is four o'clock.

Son las cinco. (The hours) are five. It is five o'clock.

Son las seis. (The hours) are six. It is six o'clock.

Son las siete. (The hours) are seven. It is seven o'clock.

Son las ocho. (The hours) are eight. It is eight o'clock.

Son las nueve. (The hours) are nine. It is nine o'clock.

Son las diez. (The hours) are ten. It is ten o'clock.

Son las once. (The hours) are eleven. It is eleven o'clock.

Son las doce. (The hours) are twelve. It is twelve o'clock.

If we wish to say it is exactly an hour on the dot, we can add the words "EN PUNTO."



Es la una en punto. It is exactly one o'clock. / It is one o'clock on the dot.

Son las dos en punto. It is exactly two o'clock. / It is two o'clock on the dot.


Of course, it is not always exactly at the top of the hour when someone asks you the time. You must also learn how to explain how minutes have passed since the top of the hour or how many minutes remain until the top of the hour.

Let's start with explaining how many minutes have passed since the top of the hour. Let's imagine it is 1:10. In English, we would simply say the two numbers like this: one ten. However, some people might also say this : ten minutes after one. In Spanish, it's a little different. They say it like this: one and ten. You can do this for any of the minutes between 1 and 29. However, once you get to 30 minutes past, the rules change.



Es la una y dos. It is 1:02.

Son las dos y cinco. It is 2:05.

Son las tres y diez. It is 3:10.

Son las cuatro y doce. It is 4:12.

Son las cinco y cuarto. (cuarto = quarter) It is 5:15. (quarter past five)

Son las seis y veinte. It is 6:20.

Son las siete y ventidos. It is 7:22.

Son las ocho y venticinco. It is 8:25.

Son las nueve y ventiseis. It is 9:26.

Son las diez y ventisiete. It is 10:27.

Son las once y ventiocho. It is 11:28.

Son las doce y ventinueve. It is 12:29.


Notice that at quarter past the hour (15 minutes past), we used the word CUARTO. This word means "quarter." Be careful not to confuse it with the word for the number 4 which is CUATRO. (The letter R is before the T for the word quarter and after the T for the number 4.)


Once we reach the 30 minute mark, we are half-way through that hour. Thus, in Spanish, they use the word for half which is MEDIA. Give the name of the hour that just passed and follow it with the words for and and half.



Es la una y media. It is 1:30.

Son las dos y media. It is 2:30.

Son las tres y media. It is 3:30.

Son las cuatro y media. It is 4:30.


The last part of telling time in Spanish is probably the one most people find different than in English. Let's examine a few given times and how we would normally say them in English first.




9:35 nine thirty-five

10:40 ten forty

11:45 eleven forty-five

12:50 twelve fifty

1:55 one fifty-five


However, those same times could be said in another way, too:



9:35 twenty-five to ten

10:40 twenty to eleven

11:45 quarter to twelve

12:50 ten to one

1:55 five to two


The second English method we looked at is closer to the Spanish method. For any minutes between 31 and 59, you must first give the hour THAT IS COMING, followed by the word for minus (MENOS), and then the number of minutes that remain until you reach the top of the hour.



Time                  Spanish                                                    Literal Meaning

9:35                  Son las diez menos venticinco.                It is ten minus twenty-five.

10:40                Son las once menos veinte.                      It is eleven minus twenty.

11:45                Son las doce menos cuarto.                      It is twelve minus a quarter.

12:50                Es la una menos diez.                                It is one minus ten.

1:55                  Son las dos menos cinco.                          It is two minus five.

Note that we also used the word CUARTO (quarter) to indicate 15 minutes until the top of the hour. As a review, let's look at various times between two and three o'clock.


Time                    Spanish                                 English Meaning

2:00                     Son las dos en punto.              It is two o'clock.

2:05                    Son las dos y cinco.                  It is five minutes after two.

2:10                    Son las dos y diez.                    It is ten minutes after two.

2:15                    Son las dos y cuarto.                It is quarter after two.

2:20                    Son las dos y veinte.                It is twenty minutes after two.

2:25                    Son las dos y venticinco.        It is twenty-five minutes after two.

2:30                    Son las dos y media.               It is half-past two.

2:35                    Son las tres menos venticinco. It is twenty-five minutes until three.

2:40                    Son las tres menos veinte.             It is twenty minutes until three.

2:45                   Son las tres menos cuarto.              It is quarter to three.

2:50                   Son las tres menos diez.               It is ten minutes until three.

2:55                  Son las tres menos cinco.            It is five minutes until three.

3:00                  Son las tres en punto.                   It is three o'clock.



Homework - Lesson 12:


A. Write the correct Spanish phrase after the given time.


1. 3:10 _______________________                                a) las once menos cuarto

2. 4:25 _______________________                                b) las cinco en punto

3. 6:50 _______________________                                c) las cuatro y veinticinco

4. 5:00 _______________________                                d) las tres y diez

5. 10:45 _______________________                              e) las siete menos diez


B. Express the following time using digits. Write the Spanish phrase first, then the digits.


1. Las dos y veinte. _______________________                4. Las diez y veinticinco. ___________________

2. La una y diez. _______________________                     5. Las cuatro y media. ____________________

3. Las doce y cuarto. _______________________             6. La una y veinte. _______________________


C. Write the correct time after the given Spanish phrase. Write the Spanish phrase first, then the digits.


1. Las tres menos veinte. ________                           4. Las seis. ________

2. La una menos diez. ________                                5. Las once menos cuarto. ________

3. Las doce menos veinte. ________                         6. Las siete y media. ________


D. Write the time in Spanish using words.


a) 1:00 ________________________________ g) 7:35 ________________________________

b) 2:05 ________________________________ h) 8:40 ________________________________

c) 3:10 ________________________________ i) 9:45 ________________________________

d) 4:15 ________________________________ j) 10:50 ________________________________

e) 5:20 ________________________________ k) 11:00 ________________________________

f) 6:30 ________________________________


E. Translate the following sentences. Write the English sentence first, followed by the Spanish sentence.


1. It's quarter to ten.

2. We eat dinner at 5:30.

3. The airplane arrives at 4:40.

4. They finish at 9:20.

5. I study at half past eight.


F. Translation: MI VIDA: Write the Spanish sentence first and then the English sentence.


Soy un estudiante.

Estudio inglés, historia, ciencia, biología, matemáticas y español.

Los cursos no son difíciles.

Empezo mi trabajo a las nueve y termino a la una.

Ayer por la mañana, no hice (past tense of hacer) escuela.

Pero esta mañana, necesito hacer mucho trabajo.

En historia, aprendo cosas tocante a los Estados Unidos.

En inglés, estudio los sujetos, los verbos, y la literatura.

En ciencia, aprendo geología.

En español, necesito contestar preguntas como "¿Cuál es tu direccíon?" y "¿Cuántos años tiene usted?".



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