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Vacation Verse

It seems appropriate to discuss our Vacation Verse since it should be summer soon and many of us will take a vacation.

Our family went to the shore of Lake Superior this last weekend. Little did we know four months ago when we made these plans that instead of spring temps in the 50’s we would be in the midst of a winter blizzard.

We saw people surfing in wetsuits – a first for us.


“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

  • Our whole family has memorized our vacation Bible verse, Philippians 2: 3-4.
  • Trips together tend to bring out conflicts, since each of us tends to have our own selfish agenda and expectations when we’re having fun.
  • We discuss it before we travel.
  • We each take time to share our expectations.
  • We remind everyone that not all their expectations will be met.
  • We try to do at least one thing that each of us would like to do.

We have found that this eliminates a lot of arguments and hurt feelings when we travel.


Training in times of non-conflict works better as a whole. I remember Dan having all three of our children sit in the open sliding door of our van. He would ask them to give him their hands and look into his eyes.

Then he would explain where we were going (church) about how long we would be there, and what we expected of them.

When they were familiar with where we were going and our expectations, he would often ask questions and let them answer. Then he would pray with them and ask the Lord to help them be obedient.

Have you tried to train during times of non-conflict? What were the results? Will you do it again?

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Thank you to those of you are new, and not so new to our newsletters. With the abundance of written matter out there it is a privilege to have you sign up for our newsletters. We dont take this lightly and will endeavor to write material that will encourage you as wives and mothers.

Today I want to share with you about our family traditions specifically the ones at the cabin weve rented for 23 years from a wonderful Christian family. We first went there when our son Eric was three months old, now hes 23.

Eric with Aunt Kaya and Aunt Helen 1991

We joke that we have so many cabin traditions that we can no longer do them in one trip so we have to pick and choose.

This year a lot of things had changed and we werent quite sure how it was going to be. Weve always done a lot of visiting friends and relatives in the area, but most of them have died or moved so we really didnt have anyone to visit or invite over.

The guys have always done a lot of golfing and fishing. The boat wasnt working this year so they fished a couple of times off the dock and golfed a couple of times, but not much.

Due to our late spring and lots of rain the water was too cold for swimming so there was none of that.

Eric today

There were very few ticks! This was certainly not disappointing, but very unusual.

It seemed that everything familiar and traditional was gone and for a while I wondered if we would end up bored and wanting to go home early.

But the Lord was faithful and once again we had a great family time and probably established some new traditions. You see for Sathers if we do something twice it becomes a tradition.

One thing that didnt change was Emilys reading. For many years now she disconnects from all electronic devices, including her laptop, and just reads. This year it was 23 books in 9 days. Were talking big books on a wide variety of things. Are you as impressed as I am? Not only does she read them but when we get home she writes reviews on them.

No cabin trip is complete without our annual trip to Bargain Bills in Rice Lake.

For the first time we took our bikes along. Eric biked 410 miles, Dan 380, Rebekah 150, and Emily 40. They got to know the area from a whole new perspective mostly which roads had the biggest hills. I dont have a bike so I stayed with the dog.

I usually spend as much time as possible scrapbooking. This is the only time all year that I really take time to do this. My laptop had a virus and Eric didnt have anything along to fix it so it was working at a snails pace. Its old and still runs Vista so it never was very fast, but now it was too slow to load the photo program and files I usually use. I did manage to do one page, which was really disappointing for me, but I did some writing, reading, and relaxed.

We also talked for hours and prayed together often not just morning and evening, but after discussions. It was certainly wonderful. We shared so much together. I often feel like Mary, pondering these things in her heart, knowing that the days are numbered that our entire family will be together before someone gets married and begins a new chapter in our lives.

I had a plan of attack for mosquitoes this year. We joke that I am mosquito bait and no one else will get bit as long as Im around. This year I sprayed myself with repellant right after my shower and only suffered 4 bites. I had read about how to take the sting out by holding a warm spoon to the bite for a minute or so. In my desire to heat a spoon quickly I warmed the water in the microwave, put the spoon in it while I walked to a chair, and put it on two bites that were close together. To my surprise, it was so hot that I burned myself. That did take my mind off the itch of the bites, but Im not sure that was how it was supposed to work. Im going to have to try it again but with a cooler spoon.

Thanks for letting me share about our time together. Im hoping your family will take time to make some memories this summer too. Please share some ways youve made memories in the comments.

Finding Joy in the Journey,

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