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Need Help Affording a Great Math Program?
Category: Parenting
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Recently I learned about the WE CARE initiative and I want to make sure that everyone knows about this terrific program.... 

It's called the 'WE CARE' initiative and it is designed to offer a top-notch Math curriculum at a price that you can afford. You help set the price by telling them what you can afford! 

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What is the WE CARE initiative really about?

Your family (any family) can get the A+ Family Math Package program for a price you are able to afford for ALL your students.
The Family Math Package includes up to 10 students and a bundle of 8 grade levels (1st-6th, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1). This program does the teaching and grading for you.
The number 1 mission is to make sure that every student can gain access to a top-notch math curriculum to build a solid foundation in math.
Because most families are on a tight budget and find it difficult to teach and grade math, the WE CARE initiative wants to eliminate this stress for you and let this program do the teaching and grading for the price you are able to afford.
All you have to do is visit the We Care page and submit a request. They will review every request and send a discount code to allow you to complete the purchase.

This is no joke! You simply give a reasonable budget of what you can afford to pay.

The Family Math Package provides everything your student(s) needs to excel to
the next grade level & beyond.

▪ Video Lessons 
▪ Interactive Reviews 
▪ Worksheets + Solutions 
▪ Chapter Tests + Solutions 
▪ Automatic Grading and Tracking 
▪ Reports

Learn more about WE CARE - Request Your Discount!


Christmas Resource Bundle for Kindergarten
Category: Holidays
Tags: December Kinders kindergarten language arts math centers worksheets skills sight words number learning

Christmas Bundle for Kindergarten

This Christmas Bundle designed for Kindergarten contains 2 downloads:

Christmas Math for Kindergarten
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Christmas Math for Kindergarten is perfect for the Christmas holidays with 10 student pages that can be used in math centers, for seat work or fun holiday homework. Skills: * Number recognition * Number word recognition * Simple 1 digit addition and subtraction * Fine motor skills through tracing numbers and number words as well as cutting and pasting! Designed for Kindergarten, however can be used for preschool as well as for remedial 1st grade work.

ABCs & Sight Words for Kindergarten - December and Christmas
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ABC's and Sight Words for Kindergarten is a 24 page download ready to use during the month of December and leading up to Christmas. The unit contains all 52 Kindergarten sight words: all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, has, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, son, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes

The unit begins for students who need practice with the alphabet (both capital and lower case). It continues with students tracing each sight (distributed in easy to complete pages). The last section of the unit contains sight word flash cards! There are 2 sets of flash cards. 1 set in color for you to use in centers as well as another set in black and white to give to students! Use this unit in literacy centers, cooperative learning, or even fun holiday homework. Although designed for Kindergarten, may be used with advance preschoolers or with remedial 1st graders!

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Are you a CHSH-Teach Download Club subscriber?

If so, you have instant access to both of these units @ http://chsh-teach.com/pt/Christmas-Themed-Resources/wiki.htm

Not a subscriber?Learn how to gain access to over 50,000 pages of educational material for 1 low price @ http://chsh-teach.com/pt/How-to-Subscribe-to-the-CHSH-Download-Club/wiki.htm

Christmas Themed Math Skills Review for 2nd & 3rd Graders!
Category: Holidays
Tags: seasonal Holidays math Skills Review

Perfect for the month of December...Christmas themed Math Skills Review for 2nd and 3rd grades.

Skills / Activities include:

  • 2 digit addition (worksheets for 'no carry' and 'carry')
  • 2 digit addition word problems
  • 2 digit subtraction (worksheets for 'no borrow' and 'borrowing')
  • Mixed addition/subtraction word problems (some worksheets designed in 'test prep' format)
  • Find the missing addend and subtrahend worksheets
  • 3 digit addition (worksheets for 'no carry' and 'carry')
  • Even/Odd identification
  • Roman numerals (I, V, X, L) - identification, conversion, addition
  • Critical Thinking skill worksheets
  • Order of Operations
  • Place Value: Building 3 and 4 digit numbers / Expanding numbers
  • Skip Counting by 50, 100, 250
  • Rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100
  • Telling time: nearest hour, half hour, 5 minutes and minutes
  • Counting coins
  • Fractions: identifying, comparing and naming
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Multiplication: Writing equations, Multiplication: 1-12
  • Multiplication word problems
  • Division word problems
  • Measurement: Reading a rule
  • Geometry: Shape identification (cone, cube, pyramid, sphere, pentagon, rectangular prism
  • Geometry: Vertices, faces, sides, edges
  • Geometry: Finding the perimeter


If you are a CHSH Download Club subscriber, you can download this unit @ http://www.christianhomeschoolhub.com/pt/Christmas-Themed-Resources/wiki.htm

Not a subscriber? Find out more about how you can save $$ and get unlimited educaitonal downloads @ http://christianhomeschoolhub.com/pt/How-to-Subscribe-to-the-CHSH-Download-Club/wiki.htm

Not ready to subscriber but would like to purchase this unit individually? You may do so @ http://www.teachersnotebook.com/product/lyndaackert/christmas-math-for-2nd-and-3rd-grades

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