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Reindeer FUN - Learning about Reindeer during December!
Category: Holidays
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This BUNDLE contains 2 reindeer themed downloads and is PERFECT for December!

Learning about Reindeer Cross-Curricular Unit:
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Students will have fun learning all about reindeer when using this unit! Includes reading comprehension, student worksheets, venn diagrams where students can compare/contrast reindeer/white-tailed deer/caribou, write paragraphs using their research, write an acrostic poem, map work and more.

Reindeer Craft - Large Template:
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Just print and give to students! Thick lines surround each section of the reindeer template. Students simply color, cut, assemble and glue and the finished reindeer will stand 17" tall! Use in a creative center and allow students to take home or use to decorate your classroom or even the walls of the school!


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Dover's Arts and Crafts November Giveaway
Tags: giveaways arts and crafts dover publications

Dover Arts and Crafts Box
(Giveaway Dates: November 8-14, 2015)

Get crafty with Dover! Children can express themselves through drawing and storytelling, paper crafting, coloring, cooking, and more with this exciting arts and crafts box of fun, available just in time for the holidays. Two lucky winners will receive all of the following titles:

Fingerprint Drawing Simple step-by-step directions show how to add just a few details that transform ordinary fingerprints into scores of fanciful creatures and objects.

Clay Play Full-color illustrations and clear directions explain basic techniques as well as every step of the crafting process for 24 projects, including a happy heart, snazzy snail, dancing polar bear, and other treasures. Winner of a Bronze 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Award!

Make Your Own Greeting Cards Two origami experts explain simple techniques with illustrated instructions for a dozen charming cards. Includes 8 sheets of heavy cardstock plus directions for folding envelopes.

Color & Cook Story Coloring Book With the help of an adult, young children can learn how to bake cupcakes and pizza, prepare a tea party, enjoy healthy snacks, and more.

Origami Fun Kit for Beginners Everything needed by beginners to master the age-old art of paperfolding: 3 great starter books, 55 fun-to-do projects, over 1,000 easy-to-follow illustrations, and 96 sheets of authentic origami paper.

Syd Hoffs Dinosaur Stories and More From Syd Hoff, famed creator of Danny and the Dinosaur, comes this collection of three rare books: Amy's Dinosaur, Dinosaur Do's and Don't's, and How to Draw Dinosaurs.

The Super-Deluxe, Epic Journal of Awesomeness Express yourself with this dynamic diary! This book is bursting with suggestions for using your imagination, from things to do ("Use this paper to make something") to things to think about ("List ten things that made you happy today"). Winner of a 2015 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Medal!

Box value: $79.89

Coffee Filter Symmetry
Category: Math
Tags: symmetry crafts learn at home

I love using craft items from arond the house to teach or enhance a lesson! Today's craft item is coffee filters! Coffee filters are so versatile and cheap to use, so we use them often in our crafting adventures. Today, we also used them for some learning. We had been talking about symmetry and I decided to use coffee filters to demonstrate what I was trying to explain to my kids. Flips, turns, and slides can get SO confusing! Coffee filters make inexpensive tracing paper! So, we grabbed some out of the craft closet and got to work.

Coffee filter art and symmetry by Teaching Momster

First, we divided a filter into fourths (by folding). While it was folded, we drew an arrow on it. The marker bled through all of the layers so the arrow could be seen on each side. When we opened the filter, we saw 4 arrows, each going a different way. We used a marker to highlight the folded lines (aka the lines of symmetry) and had a great discussion!

Use a bit of water on folded coffee filters to make the markers spread by Teaching Momster

Since the filters were out, we had some fun drawing on them as well! We have found that if you fold the filters and spray some water on each side, markers can do some amazing things. My daughter loved trying out different patterns!

Use markers, water, and coffee filters to create symmetrical designs by Teaching Momster

This one was our favorite. We added dots of each color to the folded, wet filter and when we opened it, it was beautiful! In fact, we both thought it looked kind of like an umbrella, so she grabbed a pipe cleaner, bent it, and voila! An umbrella!

Coffee filter symmetrical designs can be turned into other things, like an umbrella by Teaching Momster

Want even more symmetry ideas? Check out my symmetry cards using LEGOS or other building blocks {HERE}.

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