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It's hard for me to believe but tomorrow is August 1st. Where has Summer 2017 gone? ...Well, it's not quite over yet and it's not too late to create a 'Summer of Wonder, Discover and Fun' in your home and Rebecca Kachenderfer (CEO of has written a book that will help you do just that!

This book is truly a guide to follow if you are looking to create and find imaginative play environments for your children which will get (and keep) their creative juices stirring during Summer break.

The SUMMER SLIDE is a true phenomenon. Skills taught the year before can be easily forgotten from June through August. Research has shown that students typically lose about two months of grade level equivalency in Math skills over the summer months and reading skills decline as well. Rebecca doesn't want this happening your you kids and I'm sure you don't either.

She reminds us that teachers are continually saying the first month of school every year is more of a review just to bring students back to where they need to be. This is not just a public school issue but a homeschooling one as well.

Unless you homeschool year-round, the summer slide can and will happen if you do not purposefully engage your children throughout any 'school break'.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

So, if you aren't homeschooling year round, how can THE SUMMERTIME SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR PARENTS be helpful to you?

  • Chapter 1: Learn more about the Summer Slide and what parents like yourself have learned over time about it.
  • Chapter 2: Learn how to put the focus this summer on FUN.
  • Chapter 3: Learn creative ways to organize your home (and car) for summer learning.
  • Chapter 4: Learn how to personalize the fun based on your own child's learning style. (If you are not familiar with learning styles, this will be a great tool for you even during the school year!)
  • Chapter 5: Learn about typical obstacles that pop-up during the summer and how to deal with them.
  • Chapter 6: You'll be given a list of 101 thing to do this summer!
  • Chapter 7: Learn valuable tips to help you navigate most every family circumstance that may arise during the summer.
  • Chapter 8: You'll be given some valuable information and resources about how your child can 'change the world'.
  • Chapter 9: Learn everything you need to know about summer camps.
  • Chapter 10: Rebecca titled this chapter 'The Best Summertime Survival Resource Guide' and I think you'll agree when you read all of the many FREE resources she gives to you. It's packed with resources that you'll use throughout the year!

After reading it, I can honestly say that I wish I had this resource when my son was still in school! Rebecca's goal in this book is to help you through the summer months but it is truly a book that will be a year-round resource for you!

This is a book you'll not want to put on a shelf once summer is over. There are so many helpful tips, thoughtful, inspiring ideas and FREE resources that you'll use this book throughout the year, year after year.

THE SUMMERTIME SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR PARENTS is currently for sale on Amazon (paperback $9.95 and on Kindle for only $0.99)


Unplanned, Paralyzed, Policed and Freedom
Tags: Alana Terry Difficult topics Kennedy Stearns mysteries

Read some great books and help to bring North Korean refugees to freedom.

Kennedy Stearns is in trouble again!

Don't start reading these late at night or you will be up all night finishing them.

Books included:

Unplanned (A mysterious phone call will change Kennedy’s life forever …)

  • When Kennedy Stern’s childhood pastor asks her to volunteer at his new pregnancy center, she carves time out of her rigorous college schedule to promote the cause of the unborn.
  • After receiving a disturbing call from someone far too young to carry a child, Kennedy can no longer blindly hide behind the pro-life platitudes she grew up believing. She resolves to locate the unknown girl but winds up entrenched in a mystery that grows more convoluted as it unfolds.
  • Soon, Kennedy finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay in exchange for personal and political victory.


Paralyzed (It’s hard to heal from the past when the past wants you dead …)

  • Kennedy Stern has returned to campus after surviving an abduction, but old scars cut deep. Vivid flashbacks and terrifying dreams paralyze her, threatening to ruin her academic career and any chance she has for peace or happiness. This mental anguish, however, constitutes only a small fraction of her post-traumatic nightmare.
  • A partner in Kennedy’s kidnapping remains at large and will not stop until he has silenced her witness permanently. His violent resolve risks not only her life, but the safety of anyone who tries to help.
  • Kennedy must engage in a deadly battle of the mind as she struggles to stay alive. While fighting on two fronts — one psychological and one physical — the question isn’t whether she’ll come out of the war stronger in the end.
  • The question is whether she’ll come out of it at all.


Policed (A rogue police officer can ruin a lot more than a perfect evening out.)

  • Kennedy Stern and her best friend Reuben drag themselves away from their grueling studies to enjoy a night off campus, but getting pulled over by a belligerent cop isn’t in either of their plans.
  • When the police altercation turns violent, the media notes Reuben’s dark skin and labels this instance of police brutality a hate crime. Those Kennedy trusts the most warn her not to get involved, but she owes it to Reuben to pursue justice regardless of the personal cost.
  • Nothing remains a secret when a frenzied media and an embarrassed police department delve into Kennedy’s and Reuben’s backgrounds. Some truths, unfortunately, grow increasingly more painful the closer they get to the surface.

Back story

  • Confronted with questions of underage abortion, plagued by a stalker and paralyzing PTSD flashbacks, and eventually caught in the center of a police brutality scandal, Kennedy discovers that her first year at Harvard University involves a lot more than passing a few lab classes and fulfilling her premed requirements.
  • With her parents serving North Korean refugees overseas, Kennedy befriends a loving and highly opinionated pastor. His hospitable and encouraging wife, an eccentric but respectful roommate whose worldview is drastically different from Kennedy's, and a foreign lab partner who's harboring a grave secret he'd do just about anything to keep from being exposed.
  • The Kennedy Stern Christian suspense series tackles controversial issues facing the church today and brings them to light in a way that encourages questions and fosters discussions without ever turning preachy or heavy-handed.

Read it today! Only 99 cents.

A portion of book sales will be donated to Liberty in North Korea and their work to bring North Korean refugees to freedom. Our goal is to raise enough money to rescue a refugee through LiNK's underground railroad, so download your three-in-one box set today.

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Quiet Times in Busy Homes/giveaway Tags: Busy Homes Homes Kids Bible study quiet times
  • One of my biggest challenges when our children were small was managing to have time to spend with the Lord without dozens of interruptions. During one of our planning weekends I mentioned this to my husband.
  • We talked about Susanna Wesley and her habit of throwing her apron over her head so she could be “alone” to pray, but decided that with my distractibility that just wasn’t going to work well – at least not long-term.
  • After much talking and praying we came up with the first step of our plan.
  • Although we didn’t think it was ideal, we felt we were laying the groundwork for our goal – that each of our children would learn to spend time with the Lord first thing in the morning.
  • It would also provide time for me to spend much-needed time in the Word.

Quiet Times in Busy Homes

Our original plan

  • We had a series of Bible stories on video that ran about a half hour each.
  • We explained the concept of “spending time with the Lord” to our children, who were all under 5, and told them they would quietly watch their video to learn about Jesus while Mommy read her Bible and prayed. This really worked well.
  • I was amazed at how few times they interrupted me.  It was a relief to have something in place so that I didn’t have to attempt to “beat the clock” by getting up and finished before anyone else got out of bed.

Second step

  • After our oldest daughter learned how to read we purchased a “Beginner’s Bible”. It had big print and included the most common Bible stories. We had her read a story each morning before joining her younger siblings for the remainder of the video.
  • By the time she had read through that version her younger sister was ready to begin and Emily graduated to a regular Bible. We continued to work with them in this way until each of them was able to have their own quiet time with the Lord.

Baby Steps Work

We’ve done different things over the years: assigned them a devotional to use for the year, used a different version, and read through the Bible, but each of them now has established a firm habit of having a personal quiet time each morning.

They’ve learned how to persevere even when the Lord seems silent and how to share those times the Lord seems to be speaking just to you.

One year our oldest choose to read Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine By: Wayne Grudem for her devotional material. It's a huge book, but she divided by the days of the year and finished it. I haven't even read that!

Baby steps – isn’t that what life is all about? I know this seems simplistic, but I’m reminded of the verse in Luke 16:10a

[ctt template="5" link="bfazN" via="no" nofollow="yes"]“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much…”[/ctt]


I have learned this in many areas, but especially in parenting. As I strive to be “faithful in that which is least” the Lord will build on that small area of faithfulness and help me to accomplish bigger goals than I originally thought possible.

And now for the giveaway!

Summer Blessing Giveaway

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RAFFLECOPTER CODE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

PRIZES: (each item is already linked to the website it is coming from)
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-$250 One Faith Boutique gift certificate
-Lila Rose Daisy Clip, extra small
-Bible Journaling Kit
-Focusing on God’s Freedom ebook coloring book
-The Mom Village ebook
-Living Out Titus 2, by Woman to Woman

FREE FOR EVERYONE! (please be sure to include this so that everyone can enjoy this free gift!)
-Bible Journaling Course for Beginners from Bible Journaling Ministries

PARTICIPATING BLOGGERS: (these are already linked to the bloggers website)
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Skill Trekker
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Dan's Doodles a coloring book for all ages.
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