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Three Days Out Of The House

Three days in a row out of the house is very unusual for me. I usually spend most of Sunday at church and with family or friends. Then I’m home until Thursday when I run errands while my daughters teach for a homeschool mom.


  • The above graphic is how I picture myself.
  • A little old fashioned,  but comfortable with who I am.
  • I enjoy being home.
  • Cooking and baking are two things I really enjoy doing for my family.
  • Cleaning isn’t always enjoyable, but it is very satisfying for me.
  • When I’m home I have time to write to you guys, which is also something I really enjoy. 🙂


  • Somehow I managed to book myself to be away most of three days in a row.
  • They were all good things, necessary things, but I would rather have been home for most of that time.
  • Lunch with my new daughter-in-law was great!
  • I almost felt giddy this morning when I realized I would be alone all morning and at home.


  • It isn’t overrated.
  • Being content with who you are and what the Lord has called you to do is a gift.
  • Sure, there was a time when I wasn’t so content.
  • I’m grateful that the Lord has changed my heart.

How about you? Are you characterized by being content? That doesn’t mean you are always content, but that most of the time you are. Let me know your ideas on contentment in the comments.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into [this] world, [and it is] certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” 1Ti 6:6-8 KJV




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Dan's Doodles a coloring book for all ages.

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Looking for Fun, Easy ways to Communicate? Tags: Christmas cards communication Invitations


  • Never heard of it?
  • Neither had I, but the idea intrigued me enough to give it a try.
  • You can use it for invitations, all types of holiday cards, thank you’s – almost anything you want to send.
  • I decided to send my daughter-in-law a little note of encouragement.
  • It turned out to be a fun way to communicate.


  • I entered purple into the search bar since purple is her favorite color.
  • Then I got to choose from all the purple cards.
  • I also was able to choose the text, and even make that purple too. I know – too much purple, right?
  • After writing a quick note on the back I sent myself a sample to see how it looked.
  • It looked great so back to the Paperless Post site, add her name and address and press send!
  • Couldn’t have been easier.
Paperless Post  Isn’t this cute?


  • The recipient has the ability to respond when they get the card so I just got a sweet note back from her.
  • How fun is that!

With the holidays just ahead of us just think about the many ways you will be able to use this.

The uses are endless: Invitations, Christmas cards, thinking of you cards for relatives or friends you won’t see. I bet you can come up with even more.

I was given some coins to use to try PaperlessPost.

Yes, I would like to receive encouraging weekly emails about Biblical marriage, parenting, and homemaking. Yes, I want to be encouraged! Please sign me up.

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Dan's Doodles a coloring book for all ages.

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Need Help Affording a Great Math Program?
Category: Parenting
Tags: parents homeschool math A+ WE CARE

Recently I learned about the WE CARE initiative and I want to make sure that everyone knows about this terrific program.... 

It's called the 'WE CARE' initiative and it is designed to offer a top-notch Math curriculum at a price that you can afford. You help set the price by telling them what you can afford! 

wz 77 a-1

What is the WE CARE initiative really about?

Your family (any family) can get the A+ Family Math Package program for a price you are able to afford for ALL your students.
The Family Math Package includes up to 10 students and a bundle of 8 grade levels (1st-6th, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1). This program does the teaching and grading for you.
The number 1 mission is to make sure that every student can gain access to a top-notch math curriculum to build a solid foundation in math.
Because most families are on a tight budget and find it difficult to teach and grade math, the WE CARE initiative wants to eliminate this stress for you and let this program do the teaching and grading for the price you are able to afford.
All you have to do is visit the We Care page and submit a request. They will review every request and send a discount code to allow you to complete the purchase.

This is no joke! You simply give a reasonable budget of what you can afford to pay.

The Family Math Package provides everything your student(s) needs to excel to
the next grade level & beyond.

▪ Video Lessons 
▪ Interactive Reviews 
▪ Worksheets + Solutions 
▪ Chapter Tests + Solutions 
▪ Automatic Grading and Tracking 
▪ Reports

Learn more about WE CARE - Request Your Discount!



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